Window to Your Heart

Thanks for your interest in my jewelry!

A little info for you:

I am able to take most any photo and make it into a unique necklace or bracelet.  If there is something in your life that you hold dear, I’d love to create a “Window to Your Heart”.  I can do work with wire to write a name, monogram, or word.  If you have a picture that you love, I can shrink it down and make that a precious keepsake as well!  I LOVE to hear what you’re thinking…putting our heads together to create something unique and meaningful for you or a loved one.

Remember to be selective in your pictures.    Some of the pictures I’ve attached below will give you an idea of what might look good.

Prices vary according to size and amount of detail in the work. All metal is sterling silver (with the exception of wire within the charms).

A basic photo necklace without a chain (just the charm) is $20. If you would like it on a sterling silver chain it’s $10 more. A one sided monogram like the “J” necklace (in my previous post ‘Sweet Failure’) is $15, just for the charm with $10 added with the chain. Those are the basics and the prices go up from there. 🙂

As I mentioned these are hand-made so you can expect small bubbles, but I do my best to eliminate as much as possible.

If you’re interested please send me an email and I’d love to talk with you about what you’re thinking (including things not yet pictured—pretty much, the sky’s the limit!)!!!

Thanks for your interest!

If you’d like to talk more please email me at!  Also, I have a few other examples on a previous blog titled “Sweet Failure”. 😉 God bless!


Sweet Failure

I have really learned a thing or two when attempting 2 new crafting things (one of which I have a pretty hefty financial investment in):

1. I stink at failing…meaning, I don’t like it….ESPECIALLY when it comes to crafting.

2. I have been greatly humbled by the fact that I “can’t do everything I want the first time”…I know, my sis-in-law laughed at me because I sound super full of myself. 🙂

3. I’m a lot more like my prideful 5-year-old than I’d like to admit.  Yep…she learned it from watching me.  I think I tend to do only that which I know I will succeed at (which is why I can say “I do stuff right the first time I do it…see #2).

4.  Failure is VERY encouraging in that when you actually DO succeed at that which you have previously failed…it’s SUCH a reward!  Had I never failed, having a great completed project would be much less exciting.  And let me tell you, I’m EXCITED!  : )

*The slideshow is the product of the successes after my recent failures*

Would you say you avoid failure?  Or are you the type to jump in with both feet knowing the excitement of mastering something completely new?  I still haven’t figured out how many areas I do this in…maybe I’m avoiding it subconsciously!

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