My Source

This summer has been a Proverbs summer for me.  I feel so desperately lacking in wisdom and discipline so often.  Reading Proverbs 1:7 sums it up for me:

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.

As this summer came, I found myself slacking in the Word…big time.  I’m such a task oriented person that when I don’t have a study I’m attending, I tend to find other things that trump studying the Word.

I have felt for about a year that the Lord has wanted me to study FIRST thing.  Sure, I made excuses (not everyone has to do that, I can study anytime as long as I’m studying, etc. and so on), but I ended up submitting to the fact that the Lord is asking ME to give up MY favorite time for Him.  *sigh*  I’m super selfish.  I want MY time-frame and MY schedule.  It works, it’s easier, but it’s MINE, not the Lord’s.

So, after being intensely convicted (by an amazing woman I deeply respect and admire) about giving the school year to the Lord and seeking Him each day on what HE wants for the day and not what I want, I submitted.

So, I’ve been getting up every morning to seek Him and WOW…what a change.  I feel more awake and alive each time I sit in His breeze and just breathe in His Word.  It truly does set my path straight for the day and get my mind already where it needs to be.

What have I learned this summer?  God is the source of wisdom, knowledge, and discipline and I’ve been a fool.  Praise Him that I can learn and be refreshed by His Word daily.  What a privilege I too often take for granted.

So, if you’re reading this…keep me accountable…would ya?!?!